South Korea Shows Interest in Frozen Fish Supply from Indonesia
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Through the participation of the Indonesia Pavilion at the Seoul International Seafood Show 2018 at Seoul Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX), South Korea, which took place on 9-11 May 2018, Indonesia's fresh fish suppliers have targeted the South Korean food market with considerable potential and projected will continue to grow.

South Korea Shows Interest in Frozen Fish Supply from Indonesia

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In this event PT. Satya Trinadi Komira Perkasa (Komira Group) was also appointed in the Indonesian Pavilion as one of the producers and suppliers of fish products, storers, distributors and suppliers at the event.

The average people of South Korea consume fisheries product more than 54 kg/person per year. The people of South Korea consume fresh food products by boiled, fried, steamed or served as raw sushi and sashimi. South Korean society also does not hesitate to pay fresh fish or frozen with higher price which come with modern technique of freezing and interesting packaging.

These potential factors are in line with Komira Group’s vision to become an integrated fisheries supplier, delivering good value and quality of products to the market in Indonesia and abroad. Through this event Komira Group can pave the way to expand its distribution network and more Komira's vision on providing fresh frozen fish in South Korea’s market.

South Korea's fresh fish business merchant also saw the good response of Indonesia's participation this time. In the first day of exhibition, the Indonesian Pavilion successfully signed a memorandum of purchase agreement of USD 1.12 Million or 15.5 billion rupiah. Fish that managed to be sold included Frozen Muroaji, Frozen Ribbon Ribbon, Frozen Pacific Mackerel Fish and some other types of processed fish.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for South Korea Umar Hadi who attended the signing of MOU said "The utilization of product processing technology can be used to produce the right product with good quality. This will increase the value of Indonesian fish products sold abroad ".

"With participation in this exhibition, it is expected that Indonesian fishery business merchant will understand the market condition and consumer’s taste in South Korea. This is very important in improving the quality of Indonesian fishery products, " as Ambassador Umar Hadi said.

In the trade of fishery products, South Korea now is ranked 8 out of countries who are importing fishery products all over the world, and ranked third largest in Asia after Japan and China. In 2017 South Korea imported fish products reached USD 4.33 billion with a development trend of 7.94% over the last 3 years.

The potential increase in the volume of Indonesian fish imprted to South Korea can be more wide open. This is in line with the growing demand for health products from Indonesia every year.

Meta description: The participation of Komira Group at "Seoul International Seafood Show 2018" at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX), which took place from 9-11 May 2018 in Seoul, South Korea, a country with prospective market on fresh frozen fish sales from Indonesia.

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