How to Choose Your Fresh Fish to Consume
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Fish are very good and healthy source of protein for our daily consumption. There are so many ways to processed it before we consume it. As we know it there are also a lot of cuisine that using fish as it main ingredient.

In order to get the most delicious taste of fish, first we need to choose fish with the best condition. Here are some ways to help us choosing the freshest fish and other seafoods we can get:

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1. Whole Fish or Fillet

In the market, they tend to sell fish in as a whole or the meat part only or we usually hear it as fish meat fillet. Choosing a fresh fish first we need to look at:


The one with reddish colour tend to be the fresh one and it has to be covered with in a clear colour mucus


It supposed to be bright and clear

Scales and Skin 

It scales has to be bright and clean. Fish skin with no scales supposed to have a firm skin which tightly attach to its meat


Its meat needs to be bright and sturdy and should stay in its original form when its touched



Choose the one with its complete form, clear colour, and without black spots

3. Shells

Choose the one which still alive. It shells usually opened and when it knocked it will shut its shell

4. Squids

Choose the one with clear eyes and still in its complete form and it shouldn’t have a rotten smell

5. Crabs

Choose the one which still alive and make sure its still in its complete form


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Editor: Rizka Arika