Indonesia Fish Stocks Increased by Illegal Fishing Prohibitions
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:37:07

Indonesia suffered losses due to illegal fishing to reach Rp 2000 trillions. This was expressed by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti at his residence, Jalan Widya Chandra V No. 26, Gatot Subroto, Monday (26/5).

"World Bank also count the huge state losses and it's a big loss. That was when illegal fishing is still here and now our profit is more than that, "said Minister Susi.

(Image: news.kkp.go.id)

Minister Susi also confirmed that the stock of fish production owned by Indonesia continues to increase and much better than before.

"Now the fish stocks have gone up a lot. Our surplus from the first quarter of the fishery trade is US $ 1 billion [Rp 14.1 trillion], " she said. "Yes there must still be a leak, but not much more. There must be,” she concluded.

On another occasion, Minister Susi also revealed that her policy to eradicate illegal fishing has been recognized by the world, because it is able to restore Indonesia fish stocks. "Not just a few figures in Indonesia, but the World Bank also expose the same thing and it;s a big loss," she continued.


Source: news.kkp.go.id

Editor: Rizka Arika