KOMIRA Business Trip to ASEAN-Korea Centre Seoul International Seafood 2018
Posted By : 2018/07/09 18:30:45

On May  7th to 12th 2018, KOMIRA invited by Indonesia Ministry Of Trade to joining ASEAN-Korea Centre Seoul International Seafood 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. KOMIRA joined seminar-lunch about market and trade potential of ASEAN and South Korea. The speaker of the talks were ASEAN parties, AKC, and CJ Corporation in a very interactive way where participants could discuss directly using their respective languages.

MoU signing witnessed by the Indonesian Ambassador (Image: KOMIRA)


KOMIRA also got to signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) related to the sale and purchase transactions between KOMIRA Group represented by Mr. Emil Arifin purposed to attract attention from the Ministry of Trade and the AKC Committee and to make this as a momentum for KOMIRA Group to known more widely as a big company.

Give Trophy to Mr. Kim (NURI) (Image: KOMIRA)


Indonesia Delegacy - Seoul International Seafood  2018 (Image: KOMIRA)


Pict with  CJs Food Team (Image: KOMIRA)


Visitor on Booth Komira Group (Image: KOMIRA)


 Korea Student visited  Booth Komira (Image: KOMIRA)


Pict  With Client (Mr.Choi) (Image: KOMIRA)


  Agreement 6 Korean container (Image: KOMIRA)


Visitor on  Komira Group Booth Booth (Image: KOMIRA)


KOMIRA also brought some of their sample products to the event to introduce to the visitors of the event. With the insights KOMIRA got while joining this event, they hope that in the future KOMIRA have a lot to do to expand their quality such as items Added Value, not only in raw materials export but also ready meals. KOMIRA hope that their company will also get to penetrate the european market in the near future.


Written by: Emil Arifin, Muhammad Firdaus

Editor: Rizka Arika