The Government Strives to Accelerate Vaname Shrimp Export
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:28:20

Vaname shrimp became one of the needs in the fishery sector that received a positive signal from the global market. Thus, Indonesia can use it to continue accelerating exports in this area.

Deputy Experts V of Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Riza Damanik states, this becomes an opportunity because in addition to global markets this gives a positive signal, as well as the large percentage of shrimp exports.


Riza also added that with this positive signal, there will be bigger opportunities to accelerate shrimp ponds. According to him, there are still social forestries that can be utilized in the form of coastal forests on the north and south coast of Java which for many years destroyed. With the scheme, he hopes coastal forests can recover and can increase people's income, one of them through shrimp farming.

There are two combinations that can be optimized for shrimp aquaculture activities that is with expansive scheme and optimization. "This means that in potential areas, the environment can be restored to be a traditional shrimp farm. Both optimizations, in existing ponds with low productivity can be improved by organic model, "he explained.

Throughout the year 2017, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) noted an increasing trend of fishery product exports. For 11 months in 2017, the export figure rose USD310 million or 8.2%.

In addition, the trend of export value from January to November 2016-2017 shows, the export of main commodities also increased. Shrimp rose 0.53 percent, skipjack tuna 18.57 percent, crabs 29.46 percent, squid octopus 16.54 percent, seaweed 23.3 percent, and others rose 3.61 percent.

In 2014, the price of shrimp in the world market were volatile. But after India with Indonesia, Ecuador and Vietnam continue to increase exports, the price of frozen shrimp becomes stable.


This article has been published in news.kkp.go.id with title “Pemerintah Upayakan Akselerasi Ekspor Udang Vaname”


Written by: Irna Prihandini/AFN

Edited by: Rizka Arika