Flying Fish Roe Export From Indonesia
Posted By : 2018/07/16 16:59:47

Flying Fish Roe is one of the products KOMIRA offers in the market. Flying Fish Roe which is also known as Telur Ikan Terbang in Indonesia with a Latin name Cypselurus spp and the type of this fish itself could literally fly above the water. Natural Flying Fish Roe eggs are small and ranging from 0.5 to 0.8mm. It has a red-orange colour, a mild smoky or salty for frozen Flying Fish Roe.

Flying Fish Roe (Image:KOMIRA)

Indonesian food doesn’t really familiar with Flying Fish Roe. But some of region in Indonesia has Flying Fish Roe as one of their local cuisine. Other than that Indonesian people who live in the big city in Indonesia know Flying Fish Roe more as Tobiko which usually served in Japanese cuisine.

Flying Fish Roe trades in Indonesia has a big potential because the selling price per kilogram of its dry type could reach Rp 300.000, Compare with the price of fresh fish sold for about Rp 5000/kg or the dry fish which cost about Rp.10.000/kg. As a result the hunting of flying fish eggs penetrated into several other areas outside South Sulawesi, such as Maluku and Papua.

Until now, South Sulawesi is still the main trading center of Flying Fish Roe in Indonesia, because the export of Flying Fish Eggs from this region became the main of their foreign exchange after shrimp.


Written by: Rizka Arika