Indonesia Mackerel Export Commodities and Situations
Posted By : 2018/07/24 12:45:31

Mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) or in Indonesia known as Ikan Tenggiri has tender and good quality of meat. Its body covered with small and light scales and its green-bluish back, silver-scaled, with dark-colored shapes, the color faded to death.

Mackerel has a big mouth and fangs at the bottom and top of its mouth that look sharper than the fangs of Spanish mackerel. Mackerel is a fish that inhabits the hidden tropics and indo-pacific subtropics. As a pelagic fish they often swam in small groups, not far from the beach.

Image (Doc: KOMIRA)


Mackerel or Ikan Tenggiri favored in Indonesia. It’s traded in fresh form, dried fish, or processed. Indonesian often use it in their traditional cuisine as a main course or snacks such as crackers (kerupuk) or siomay. Tenggiri has a special aroma and taste when it’s processed as a cuisine. Mackerel also becoming people favourites on fishing competition and event.

The demand of Indonesia Mackerel for commodity export is increasing this year by 162 kg on February 2018 to Singapore. For the first 3 month of 2018 commodity export to Singapore recorded about 122 kg on January, 162 kg on February, and 633 kg on March.


Written by: Rizka Arika