Receiving Japanese Grant, KKP Optimizes Development of 6 SKPTs on the Outer Islands
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:20:41

The Government of Indonesia and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a text of a grant agreement worth 2.5 billion Yen or Rp324 billion (Yen 1: Rp.129.34) for the fisheries sector development program for the outer islands Indonesia. The agreement was signed by KKP Secretary General Nilanto Perbowo and JICA Representative for Indonesia, Shinichi Yamanaka at Mina Bahari I Building, KKP Office, Jakarta on Tuesday (31/7).

JICA Representative for Indonesia Shinichi Yamanaka (left) together with KKP Secretary General Nilanto Perbowomen signed the text of a grant agreement worth 2.5 billion Yen or Rp324 million for the development of the fisheries sector for Indonesia's outer islands. (Doc. Hansbertian CTF / Josephine Public Relations/news.kkp.go.id)

"This program will provide fiscal support to the development plan of the Integrated Marine and Fisheries Sentar of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) to develop and improve the fishing port and fish market in the 6 outer islands of Indonesia," said Nilanto.

The facilities and target areas of this program are fishing port facilities and fish markets in Sabang (Aceh Province), Natuna (Riau Province), Morotai (Maluku Province), Saumlaki (Maluku Province), Moa (Maluku Province), and Biak ( Papua Province).

For Sabang, a fund of 1.2 billion yen is allocated, and will be used for the construction of cold storage, processing, processing plants, fish landing sites, and ship stops. Not only that, an ice flake machine with a capacity of 10 tons will also be prepared.

The same thing will also be done in the Natuna Islands which received an allocation of 983 thousand yen, Morotai of 707 million yen, Saumlaki 692 million yen, Moa 424 million yen, and Biak for 260.9 million yen.

"So a total of 2.5 billion yen. Currently the study is still being prepared. This project is prepared for 2020, we must pursue it. "The construction time is simultaneously in 6 locations and will be done within the next six months from today," continued Nilanto.

"We want to go from upstream to downstream, all the facilities. So we want to make sure the development starts from the beach, the ship lands, then to the place of processing it is guaranteed. We want to fix everything. So from the start of catching fish, the process is stored on an ice flake machine until it is marketed monitored, "he added.

The same thing was also expressed by JICA Representative for Indonesia, Shinichi Yamanaka. He said, this program was the first step for better communication and cooperation between the two countries and had a positive impact, especially for fishermen and coastal communities. "After the program is completed, small fishermen will be able to use the fishery port that has been repaired. They can also enjoy various facilities such as fish storage. Hopefully this collaboration initiative, can provide stimulus to local fisheries businesses and living standards of coastal communities, especially in the outer islands of Indonesia, "Shinichi explained.

"We, JICA want to continue to contribute to the KKP program. The next may be in the construction sector of patrol boats, multipurpose fishing vessels, and supervision, and technology utilization, "he said.

With this program, it is expected that small fishermen in Indonesia can use fishing ports equipped with cold storage facilities and ice making, so that they can contribute to increasing fishing activities and living standards of fishing communities through improving the quality of fisheries products and their distribution outside these islands. (MD)

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