Hairtail Fish or Ikan Layur, Fish with High Economy Value in Indonesia
Posted By : 2018/08/24 15:22:37

Hairtail Fish or Ikan Layur (Trichiurus lepturus) is a marine fish that is easily known from its long and slender shape. This fish is spread in tropical and temperate waters. The species found in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean are known to be different populations.

(Doc. The Straits Times)

This fish's sinuous body can grow more than 1m in length and its huge wolf-like head and jaws make it an efficient eating machine. It preys on krill, baby squid and other small fish and it hunts at night in imposing schools.

Layur is easy to find at fish selling places in Indonesia. In addition to being processed as salted fish, layur is also used as a fishing rod. Japanese call it Tachiuo and eat it raw (as sashimi) or grilled. Koreans call it galchi and process it by frying or grilling. This fish is preferred because the meat is chewy, not too fishy, not oily, and easily removed from the bones.

It is a fish that is easy to cook. In Indonesia layur have the most enthusiastic market compared to other types of fish. Even though in one kilogram contains only two or three fish. "Layur fish is the most hunted by consumers," he explained. 

These days, hairtails are more often than not sold flash-frozen, already processed and cut into much shorter sections or dried in Indonesia. Its one of Komira’s frozen fish products. The price itself is quite affordable. With no doubt, it is a nutritious fish that is easily available and affordable.