20 Benefits and Benefits of Cockatoo Fish for Health
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Parrot fish or Parrot Fish are marine fish species that are quite popular with the community. This fish has a lot of nutritional content for health, which is as a low-fat protein source. In addition, this fish also contains omega 3 and omega 6 which is good for brain growth.

Did you know that if you eat a lot of fatty foods, your body becomes susceptible to illness such as coronary heart disease, cholesterol, gout and stroke. If it has been attacked by all the diseases, surely human life will experience a decline in productivity and vitality.

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Therefore here are 20 Benefits  of Parrot Fish for Health :

1. Launching the Body's Metabolic Process

Did you know that a person's metabolism must be smooth because this process greatly affects growth. Burning carbohydrates into energy will determine many things, especially weight. People with fast metabolism tend to have thin bodies. Parrot fish can accelerate this process to achieve ideal body weight.

2. Curing Body Pain

Stiffness usually occurs because the body lacks vitamin B. Parrots Fish can cure aches because they contain this vitamin. Body aches are also easily lost if due to parrots fish oil content.

3. Treat dizziness

Dizziness can also be cured by eating Parrots Fish, because these fish are efficacious to relax tense muscles and promote blood circulation.

4. Benefits of Parrots Fish to Increase the Number of Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells can soar thanks to foods that contain lots of iron such as fish. Parrots fish is really rich in iron.

5. Prevent Thiamine deficiency (Beriberi) Disease

Beriberi has symptoms of swelling in the calf. This is because the body lacks vitamin B. Parrot Fish have benefits that can prevent beriberi disease because it can trigger skin elasticity, so that the fluid does not become swollen.

6. Regulates the PH of the Body

The best body pH is the one that approaches PH perfect alkaline water. To achieve this, it is necessary to eat Parrots Fish. The ideal body pH will make your body fit and not get any disease, especially flu and fever.

7. Benefits of Parrot Fish to Clean Intestine

The intestine is the body's most important organ in the digestive process. Intestinal disorders can make the body fail to absorb food essence. So that the performance of the intestine is good, the intestine needs to be cleaned with fiber-rich foods, such as Parrots fish.

8. Relaxing Tension in the Nerve

Every inch of the human body has nerves, which if caught in a pinch can cause pain and dizziness. To relax tendon tension so that it is always elastic, just eat Parrots fish because these fish work to produce anti-stress hormones.

9. Benefits of Parrots Fish Can Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is saturated fat that settles in the human body, causing blood circulation to falter. As a result it triggers a reaction to stiffness.

10. Make IQ Increase

All fish contain Omega 3 which is very good for refreshing the brain. When the brain is fresh, getting enough oxygen, you will be smart. One indicator of increasing IQ is indeed nutrition and the environment. Parrots fish can support this indicator, becoming an alternative food commodity.

11. Anti Cancer

12. Mood Stabilizers

13. Weight Loss

14. Prevent infection

15. Speed ??up the wound healing process

16. Tighten Facial Skin

17. Prevent Bladder Disorders

18. Triglyceride lowering

19. Cure Mental and Psychic Diseases

20. Reducing Pain After Surgical Surgery


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