Milkfish , Fish with Affordable Prices in Indonesia
Posted By : 2018/08/31 16:35:23

The milkfish or Ikan Bandeng (Chanos chanos) is the sole living species in the family Chanidae. However, there are at least five extinct genera from the Cretaceous.The species has many common names. The Hawaiian name for the fish is awa, and in Tahitian it is ava. It is called bangús in the Philippines, where it is the national fish. In the Nauruan language, it is referred to as ibiya. Milkfish is also called "bandeng" or "bolu" in Indonesia.



The milkfish is an important seafood in Southeast Asia and some Pacific Islands. Because milkfish is notorious for being much bonier than other food fish, deboned milkfish, called "boneless bangús" in the Philippines, has become popular in stores and markets.

Another popular presentation of milkfish in Indonesia is bandeng duri lunak (ikan bandeng is the Indonesian name for milkfish) from Central and East Java. Bandeng presto is pressure cooked milkfish until the bones are rendered tender. Another way to prepare milkfish is bandeng asap or smoked milkfish. Either fresh or processed, milkfish is the popular seafood product of Indonesian fishing towns, such as Juwana near Semarang in Central Java, and Sidoarjo near Surabaya in East Java.

Milkfish is a fish that is often sought after by many restaurants, because milkfish has a savory and sweet meat texture, it's no wonder culinary lovers hunt a lot of foods made from milkfish.

Milkfish can usually be processed into a variety of dishes, including otak-otak bandeng, bandeng presto, pindang bandeng, pepes bandeng, bandeng asap and many more.

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