Red Snapper in Indonesia
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Red Snapper or Kakap Merah (Lutjanus bitaeniatus) is a species of snapper found in Indonesia. This fish is found mainly in the East Indian Ocean and is known only from a number of specimens collected in Indonesia (near Sumatra and Sulawesi) and west of Kuri Bay, Western Australia. Adult fish inhabit deeper reef areas. They live solitary or in small groups.

Doc. Komira

Many red snapper caught in the depths of the sea floor range from 40 to 50 meters with a small substrate of coral and salinity of 30-33 ppt and temperatures between 5-30, while small fish species are often found on the surface of coral waters during the day. Small fish spread at night to find food for prey such as small fish and other types of crustaceans. Small fish for some types of snapper usually occupy shallow mangrove areas and areas with a lot of seaweed plants.

The potential of red snapper is rarely found in large gangs and tends to live solitary with diverse environments ranging from shallow waters, river estuaries, mangroves, coastal areas, and areas that have a lot of coral reefs.

The spread of red snapper fish in Indonesia is very broad and almost inhabits all coastal waters in Indonesia. The spread of red snapper to the north reaches the Bay of Bengal, the Gulf of Siam and along the coast of South China and the Philippines. Dissemination towards the South reaches Australian tropical waters, Westward to South Africa and Atlantic American tropical waters, direction towards the East reaches the island of the Pacific Ocean.

The spread of red snapper according to the researchers almost throughout the waters of the Java Sea, ranging from Bawean waters, Karimun Jawa Islands, Sunda Strait, South Java, East and West Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Aquatic Waters in the Riau islands.

Red Snapper sold as fresh fish and frozen fish. Komira also sell this fish in frozen forms. This fish can be processed in many ways, soup, grilled, curry broth soup, and many other ways.


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