RI Boosts Fisheries Exports to Japan
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:16:50

Indonesia continues to increase fishery product exports to Japan. One of them is by returning to the 2018 Japan International Seafood and Technology Expo (JISTE) at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

Director General of Penguatan Daya Saing Produk Kelautan dan Perikanan  (PDSPKP), Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Rifky Effendi Hardijanto said, Indonesia would take advantage of Japan's market opportunities by improving domestic supply in relation to logistics and product quality.

Fishermen bring down fish caught in the sea in Muara Baru, Jakarta, Thursday (29/3). To encourage export of fishery commodities the KKP will provide assistance to environmentally friendly fishing equipment. (Liputan6.com/Angga Yuniar)

"This is the second time for Indonesia to joined JISTE, and this is a great opportunity for us to take the advantages of the market in Japan," he said in a written statement in Jakarta on Sunday (08/26/2018).

Japan is an important trading partner as a destination country for Indonesia's fishery product exports after the US with a value of US $ 672.44 million or 14.86 percent of the total value of Indonesian fishery exports in 2017.

The main export commodities of Indonesia to Japan are shrimp with export value of USD 347.95 million, skipjack tuna and mackerel for USD 141.58 million, crab for USD 28.52 million, and octopus for USD 8.45 million.

JISTE is the largest seafood exhibition in Japan followed by 822 exhibitors from 20 countries with around 1,400 booths.

This exhibition was attended by the retail industry, food services, trading, wholesalers, distributors and food processing from all regions of Japan and its surroundings.

In JISTE, Indonesia included eight exporters who joined the 80m2 Indonesian Pavilion in East Hall 5.6 Booth Number B-66.

The Indonesian Pavilion featured dishes of superior white shrimp products (Penaeus merguiensis) and a comparison of taste tests by visitors with tiger shrimp products (Penaeus monodon) and vanname shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).

"This effort aims to introduce white shrimp that are being developed by Indonesia to open new opportunities to fill the international shrimp market," said Rifky.

On the sidelines of the exhibition the signing of a sales contract between PT Perikanan Nusantara (Perinus) and Perum Perikanan Indonesia (Perindo) with Japanese buyers was also held.

The contract signing between PT Perinus was carried out with 2 new buyers, Kenndo Management Co. Ltd., and Food Trading Industry Japan Co. Ltd. with a contract value of USD 21.75 million for the supply of 1,500 tons of fresh tuna per year.

In addition, renewal of the sales contract with Ajirushi Company worth USD 11.25 million to supply 1,500 tons of frozen octopus products per year.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Fisheries Corporation (Perindo) signed a sales contract with the new buyers, namely Mushasi Co. Ltd. with a contract value of USD 3.30 million to supply 600 tons of skinless frozen loin products.


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