Tips for Differentiating Squid and Cuttlefish
Posted By : 2018/09/07 16:06:44

Cuttlefish or Sotong or Ikan nus are animals that live in waters, especially rivers and sea or lakes. These animals can be found in almost all large-sized waters in freshwater, brackish water, and salt water at various depths, from near the surface to several thousand meters below the surface. Cuttlefish is also a type of seafood.

Image: Komira

Cuttlefish are often misinterpreted as squid. Both are different because of the flat-cut cuttlefish, while the squid is more cylindrical.

This is how to differentiate between Cuttlefish and Squid:


This marine animal has a long body characteristic and sharps head. The arm section consists of two very long main tentacles, and eight shorter arm tentacles. Position the tentacles just below the mouth. In addition, squid have eyes like fish, with silver edges and black center. The difference is, squid's eyes are bigger.

Just like fish, squid breathe using gills. On the left and right sides of the head are a pair of fins used for swimming. Squid can change the color of his body to trick prey. Inside the body there is also an ink bag that can be sprayed at any time when feeling pressed, like the presence of a prey. This ink is also very tasty and adds savory flavors of squid cuisine.


In terms of size, cuttlefish are larger than squid. The similarity of both lies in the number of tentacles as many as 10, with two main tentacles and eight additional shorter tentacles. Cuttlefish and squid's eyes are equally large, with a black center and silver edges. Sotong also has a pair of fins that stick around the neck to the tip of the tail. Breathing using gills like fish and squid, cuttlefish can also camouflage by changing body color and spraying ink liquid.

Because his body is bigger, more cuttlefish meat than squid. How to process it is also not much different. Squid and cuttlefish are washed clean. Dispose of the ink part if you don't like it so much.

Cuttlefish are the main food in the Mediterranean and East Asia. Just like other seafood, cuttlefish are rich in calcium and protein but low in energy. Foods whose main ingredients are cuttlefish are a source of cholesterol. The cooking recipes for cuttlefish are also relatively the same in terms of seasoning and cooking methods as squid. Make sure not to cook it too long, so that cuttlefish and squid are not to tough when eaten.

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