Indonesia and Congo Agree on Three Historical Cooperation
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:42:57

Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (RD) agreed to strengthen cooperation in three fields: economic, diplomatic and environmental. This was stated by the foreign ministers of the two countries after a historic bilateral meeting at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta, Thursday (6/9/2018).

This is the first visit of high-ranking RD Congo officials to Indonesia since the two countries opened diplomatic relations in 1963, about 55 years ago.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Leonard She Okitundu Lundula and Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P Marsudi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (6/9) (Rizki Akbar Hasan / Liputan6.com)

The two ministers also signed a Joint Bilateral Commission (JBC) memorandum of understanding to strengthen bilateral relations and expand the prospects for cooperation in other fields.

"We prioritize cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, mining, fisheries and marine life (aquaculture), agriculture and oil palm plantations. RD Congo also wants to discuss cooperation in the field of textiles," said Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi when delivering a press statement with the Minister RD Congo Foreign Affairs, Leonard She Okitundu Lundula at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thursday (6/9/2018).

In turn, Foreign Minister Lundula - who also served as Deputy Prime Minister - said that "RD Congo has huge potential for Indonesian investment." He also stressed that the two countries would also pursue infrastructure, textile, mining, aquaculture, and palm oil cooperation projects.

"We have great potential in RD Congo," he said.

RD Congo also targets diplomatic cooperation with Indonesia.

"We are very aware of Indonesia's experience in managing diplomatic issues," Foreign Minister Lundula said. That knowledge also makes RD Congo support Indonesia in the election of Non-Permanent Members of the UN Security Council in June 2018.

Meanwhile, related to the environment, Foreign Minister Lundula said that Indonesia and RD Congo had an important role related to forestry issues to fight climate change. "The stakeholders from the country with the largest forest area can discuss the steps taken to benefit our society," he said.

Minister Retno Marsudi said, African countries, including RD Congo, were Indonesia's foreign policy priorities, following the Indonesia Africa Forum (IAF) in April 2018 which gave good results.

The two countries are also committed to following up on cooperation to a greater extent, following the planned participation of the two countries in the Indonesia Africa Infrastructure Dialogue 2019.

"It is hoped that next year will sign concrete economic cooperation with RD Congo," said Retno.


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