Komira Participation in KKP Yearly Bazaar
Posted By : 2018/09/24 20:53:04

Held on Friday, September, 7th 2018, Komira participated in Gedung Mina Bahari, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Central Jakarta. The bazaar is expected to be a medium between consumers and sellers to meet their standart in good quality of fishery products that are safe to eat with affordable prices and to support Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs campaign “Ayo Makan Ikan” to the public.

Doc. Komira


Through this bazaar Komira offered their selections products of Fresh Frozen Fish, such as Seed Mackerel (Ikan Layang), Cob (Ikan Tongkol), Baby Tuna, Mackerel, and Skipjack (Ikan Cakalang).

Komira committed to joining every bazaar that hold by KKP to support equitable distribution of fresh frozen fish with affordable prices to consumers in Indonesia.