Identifying Sweetlips Fish
Posted By : 2018/10/05 16:43:43

Plectorhinchus  is a genus of grunts, the sweetlips or usually known in Indonesia as Ikan Kaci Kaci is found in fresh, brackish, and salt waters. These fish have big, fleshy lips and tend to live on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific in small groups or pairs. They will often associate with other fishes of similar species; several species of sweetlips sometimes swim together. They are usually seen in clusters in nooks and crannies or under overhangs. At nightfall, they venture from their shelters to seek out their bottom-dwelling invertebrate prey, such as bristle worms, shrimps, and small crabs.



Sweetlips colouring and patterning changes throughout their lives. For example, Plectorhinchus polytaenia develops more stripes with age. Juvenile sweetlips generally look quite different from the adults, and often live solitary lives on shallower reef sections. Juveniles may be banded or spotted and are usually a completely different colour from the adults of their species. Small juveniles have an undulating swimming pattern, possibly mimicking poisonous flatworms as a means of predator avoidance.

Sweetlips fish could become a healthy and highly nutritious consumption dish by processing it correctly or consumer can easily cooking dish with this fish by buying the one which already cleaned up or the frozen fish that Komira sell. Sweetlips could be cooked by frying, grilling, or as a spicy sour soup.