Tuna Exports from NTT to Japan Reach 12.5 Tons
Posted By : 2018/10/15 18:49:36

The Kupang Fish Quarantine and Quality Control Station (KIPM) recorded exports of tuna loin from East Nusa Tenggara to Japan as much as 12.5 tons in August 2018.

Kupang KIPM Station Chief Jimmy Elwaren said that tuna loin was the dominant commodity entering the export market to Japan in August, with a value of 86,302 US dollars.

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In addition to Japan's destination country, exports of frozen tuna loin were also made to Brunei Darussalam as much as 200 kilograms.

Jimmy explained that tuna loin exports to Japan, which were carried out through Surabaya, East Java, had increased at least in the last five months.

His side recorded tuna loin exports in April 2018 as much as 5.69 tons, then May 5.9 tons, June 8.6 tons and July 9.4 tons. These results continued to increase until August as much as 12.5 tons.

"Demand from Japan is also relatively always there every month even though the amount varies according to the needs of the buyer's country," Jimmy explained.The tuna loin commodity is one of the leading fishery products exported from the local province, in addition to skipjack tuna.

Jimmy said, the export demand which was mostly still dominated by skipjack fish as exports in August reached 24 tons to the Sakura flower country.

"Skipjack is indeed still a prima donna of exports following tuna and other basic fish. But the two main commodities (skipjack and tuna) are always in demand, especially from Japan," he concluded.


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