Red Bigeye Snapper Business Opportunity in Indonesia
Posted By : 2018/10/15 13:00:41

The bigeye snapper mostly lives throughout the Indo-Pacific. It is found in much of the Indian Ocean; specifically, from Japan to Australia and from East Africa to the Solomon Islands. It is common in the Pacific Ocean, particularly in the Western parts of it. It also has been found in the Southeastern Atlantic ocean. It is a common species, very abundant in the areas that it inhabits. It is much sought-after by commercial fisheries.


One of its kind is Red Bigeye Snapper. It inhabits offshore coral reefs at depths from near the surface to 96 m (315 ft). This species is mostly silver in color with a yellow stripe along the side and fainter yellow lines on the lower half of the body. Fins are yellowish to whitish. It can reach a length of 35 cm (14 in).

In Indonesia, Red Bigeye live along the coast of the pantura and always there in every season. The fishermen sell it only for Rp 20.000/kg. People seeing the potential business with this fish by processing it into fish meatballs, spring rolls, dumplings and more.

As a home business, processing it into fish meatballs, spring rolls, dumplings and more are quite possible to do for people who have just started a business in this industry.