Frozen Muroaji Export Potential
Posted By : 2018/10/15 13:15:50

Muroaji Fish in the Philippines known as Galunggong Fish, and  also called Round Scad in English. This fish can be used to lure even bigger fish like tuna. Therefore, these fish are often exported abroad such as Japan as bait for large fish such as tuna and skipjack.


On "2018 Seoul International Seafood Show" at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX), Seoul, South Korea which took place on May 9-11 2018, Komira’s frozen Muroaji becoming one of the fish that signed by South Korean to be sold there following with Frozen Ribbon Fish, Frozen Pacific Mackerel and several other types of processed fish products.

This transaction is believed to increase because there is still a prospective potential from the results of the matching business conducted. There AAare still many South Korean fish entrepreneurs who show their interest in Indonesian fish products that are very diverse and packed with good packaging techniques like frozen fish products from Komira.