Why You Should Be Eating Flying Fish Roe
Posted By : 2018/10/20 16:20:53

It is said that fish roe was often saved for those looking to conceive as the nutrients found in fish roe helped promote fertility. The work of Dr. Price showed that fish roe was highly prized by wild people and often shaved for those looking to have children. 


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A True Fertility Food

Essential nutrients like vitamin B12, A, and D can be found in quality fish roe, making it a food that offered on a regular basis throughout women on their pregnancies.


Northern Exposure


Fish eggs are high in vitamin D. According to testing shared by WAPF, fish eggs contain 17,000 IU vitamin D per tablespoon. Fish eggs also have more benefits to maintaining your healthy body, it’s said that fish eggs are good for:


1. Supplements as foods that are suitable for beauty, slowing down premature aging.


2. Makes the skin healthy, bright, and reduces facial wrinkles.


3. Overcoming asthma, gout and osteoporosis.


4. Able to improve the nervous system, blood circulation, immunity and treat cancer and heart disease.


5. Helps to improve blood circulation.


There are so many ways to cook flying fish roe, we could either eat it raw and fresh as in Japanese traditional food, sushi, or eat it cooked like some of Indonesian dishes with flying fish eggs.