RI Chances in Taking Over Vietnam's Patin Export Market in US and Europe
Posted By : 2018/11/02 12:24:38

Indonesian Patin (Silver Catfish) have the potential to enter the US and European markets following the reduced supply of Patin from Vietnam. Director General of Penguatan Daya Saing Produk Kelautan dan Perikanan (PDSPKP) Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Rifky Efendi Hardijanto said, currently the potential of US and European Catfish market is wide open.


Image: Lima Waktu


KKP will maximize the utilization of Integrated Cold Storage (ICS) to boost the industrialization of national catfish. "The market share of US and Europe catfish is wide plus Vietnam are now abandoned the market they usually filled. So this is a great potential for Indonesia to fill the gap, " said Rifky.

He explained, since 20 years ago, Vietnam had proclaimed itself as a world patin producer, which was able to fill the global catfish market. Over time, Vietnam does not maintain their quality so that the US and Europe markets no longer import catfish from Vietnam.

Based on data obtained by the CTF, Vietnam is able to produce 1.19 million tons of catfish per year. While Indonesia is only 437 thousand million tons. However, national catfish exports are not too high because they are intended to fulfill domestic needs.

"Hence, in the future we will not only produce for domestic consumption, but we will increase the export-oriented ones," he said.

To be able to enter the American and European markets, the domestic fishing industry must prepare itself. One of them is by utilizing ICS where it is a place of downstream processes ranging from selection, cleaning, storage to packaging of fishery products.

"With the ICS, the products that have come out can be directly exported," he continued.

As for the Indonesian catfish producer area, Sumatra is still the largest by contributing 68.07 percent of national catfish production, Riau 8.14 percent, South Kalimantan 10.06 percent, Central Kalimantan 8.81 percent, Jambi 6.43 percent, and West Java 6.4 percent.


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