Indonesia's Fisheries Export Value Increases Continuously
Posted By : 2018/11/02 14:43:28

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti denied Indonesian fisheries exports had decreased. Although the volume of fishery exports experienced a decline, but the value of Indonesian fisheries exports experienced improvement. "Between the volume and the value, the value of it is high. The volume increases but the value rises higher. Means that we are right in making the policy," she said.


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In 2014, the volume of exports from fisheries production was recorded at 603.81 thousand tons, down to 514.13 thousand tons in 2015, 551.71 thousand tons in 2016, 475.74 thousand tons in 2017. While up to the first semester of 2018, exports fishery products 510.05 thousand tons.

Whereas in value, fishery product exports in 2014 were recorded at USD2.20 billion, in 2015 amounting to USD2.00 billion, in 2016 amounting to USD2.09 billion, in 2017 amounting to USD2.01 billion. While up to semester I-2018 the value increased to USD 2.27 billion.

The increase in value due to Indonesian fishery product exports also began to shift into processed products. In addition, the KKP also increases aquaculture production to encourage fisheries exports from Indonesia.

"Exports of fisheries production have some criticism of exports falling. This is not true. Now the export of fish has been processed, from meatballs, nuggets, surimi, there is a high increase," he explained.

In terms of the fisheries trade balance there was an increase in exports of 13.88 percent from January to June 2017 to 2018 with a value of USD 2.05 billion. This achievement also placed Indonesia's fisheries trade balance number one in ASEAN for the first time in history.


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