Indonesian Fish Products Predicted to Reach 15 Million tons in 2018
Posted By : 2018/11/23 15:23:55

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti estimates that the potential of fish in Indonesian waters until the end of 2018 can reach 15 million tons. This is seen from the increase in national fish potential that has skyrocketed.

Image: Unsplash


She claimed, the jargon “Tenggelamkan”' had successfully increased the yield of marine fish in Indonesia. Not a few foreign country ships were captured and then burned and sunk into the sea by Susi.

Given that, since the 1980s, thousands of foreign vessels have been free to steal fish from local fishermen. Even the marine thieves are still active until 2013. As a result, the number of fish is getting smaller, even Indonesian fishermen have difficulty in finding fish for their daily needs.

For this reason, she is firm in combating illegal fishing and prohibiting the use of trawlers or trawlers in the sea.

She also estimated that around 10,000 foreign vessels would not dare go to sea and steal fish in Indonesian waters because they were afraid of being drowned. According to him, this cannot be separated from the full support of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).


This article’s citing an article in merdeka.com with the title “Menteri Susi perkirakan hasil ikan RI capai 15 juta ton di 2018”