Indonesian National Fish Day
Posted By : 2018/11/30 11:12:18

Indonesian National Fish Day (HARKANNAS) is commemorated every November 21, based on Presidential Decree Number 3 of 2014, to encourage the level of fish consumption in Indonesia.National food security and the fulfillment of community nutrition are a serious concern of the government to increase public awareness of the importance of fish as a food that contains high-quality protein.


Indonesia's enormous fisheries potential must be used optimally and sustainably in order to improve the quality of human resources and support national food and nutrition security. Cases of dual nutrition (overweight and malnutrition) and stunting are still serious problems facing the Indonesian people. As a food that is easily produced in various scales and highly nutritious, fish is able to be the solution to this problem.

Indonesia's leading fishery commodities are shrimp, tuna and catfish, which are well-known abroad. The export value of shrimp & tuna until September 2018 was the first and second highest position compared to other commodities amounting to USD 1,302.5 million (37%) and USD 433.6 million (12.3%). While the Indonesian Patin with the brand "Indonesian Pangasius - The Better Choice", which was launched at the SEAFEX exhibition in Dubai, October 30, is predicted to win the world market. Patin Indonesia is considered to have an advantage because it was developed with probiotics and cultivated in ponds with clean groundwater, also with lower densities than other countries.

Harkannas 2018 is expected to remind us of the importance of protein and other nutritional content in fish as one of the solutions in dealing with community nutrition problems and to improve the quality of Indonesian human life.


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