161 Countries Interested in Indonesia Fish Products
Posted By : 2018/12/07 00:19:45

Indonesian fishery products are increasingly attracting the world markets by the increasing demand of world countries for Indonesian fish products. Head of the Fish Quarantine Agency, Fisheries Product Quality and Safety Control (BKIPM) Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Rina said, at least there are currently 161 countries that accept fish from Indonesia. This is also accompanied by an increase in fish quarantine facilities in Indonesia.


This increase is in line with the increase in Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) from the fisheries sector. Rina revealed, in 2015, PNBP from fisheries quarantine was in the range of Rp20-30 billion. Whereas in 2018, quarantine PNBP targeted at Rp48 billion was revised to Rp75 billion.

Not only PNBP, the number of fisheries certificates issued also continues to increase. "To that end, BKIPM continues to improve services to users, including the provision of decent space, improved HR quality, and easier services," added Rina.

Next year it will be continued to improve services effectively and efficiently and sharpen supervision at the main entrance doors, including in Pontianak which is close to the border.

This effort, according to her, will involve stakeholders such as Polairud and the local Marine and Fisheries Agency (DKP), by building a fisheries office at the border so that the fisheries resources issued are legal, safe, and maintain quality.


This article’s citing an article from kkp.go.id titled “Produk Perikanan Indonesia Diminati 161 Negara”