Freshwater Fishes which High in Nutrition
Posted By : 2018/12/07 00:18:21

Fish contain various kinds of nutrients that are good for health and growth. Not only the sea water fish that usually found in the market, freshwater fish that generally live in rivers and lakes also have equally good nutritional content. Nutrition of freshwater fish can be obtained from Tilapia or Parrot Fish, Snapper, freshwater sardines, catfish, and various other fresh fish. Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, vitamin D in fish are very good for the body because of the low saturated fat content.


In Indonesia, freshwater fish that are commonly used as a daily menu are as follows:


1. Parrot Fish


Tilapia is the main choice especially for those of you who do not like fish that smells fishy. Tilapia is also easy to process and has a savory flavor. It also contains vitamin B12, an important compound for maintaining energy in the body, protein, mineral, and other vitamin content. Therefore, tilapia is also good for those who are sick or elderly who are at risk of heart disease, cholesterol and high blood pressure.


2. Snapper

Snapper (Nile Perch) generally has a large size so it is available in the form of fillets or steaks. Although large, the texture is very soft and easy to digest. This fish is also the best source of omega 3 fatty acids.


3. Freshwater Sardines

Small-sized freshwater sardines are silver with a unique taste. Sometimes these sardines are served in dry form and consumed in whole form. This fish contains vitamins A, B, and B complex, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This content is good for the development of the child's teeth and bones and supports the health of pregnant women.


4. Catfish

Catfish are the most famous and easiest to find freshwater fish in Indonesia. This fish contains many nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, sodium, and iron. This fish also has a low mercury level so it is safe for pregnant women to consume.

The point is that various types of fish and other fish are good and safe for consumption as long as you know how to process them correctly.

Those of you who are hesitant about eating fish because they are concerned about the harmful ingredients in fish such as mercury, you should recognize the content of the fish you want to consume first. Catfish, tilapia, sardines, salmon, squid, or anchovy, for example, are fish species that are low in mercury.

No less important, be sure to eat fish in fresh conditions that can be examined from the texture of the meat, the shape of the eyes, and the color of the gills. Come smart to choose consumption fish and let's be healthy together.



This article’s citing an article from kkp.go.id titled “Kaya Nutrisi, Ikan Air Tawar Ini Bisa Jadi Alternatif Pilihan Menu Ikan”