Threadfin Bream Recipe
Posted By : 2018/10/05 16:53:43

Threadfin Bream or known as Ikan Kurisi is a Sea water fish that has a tasty, savory flavor. You can get it fresh or the frozen the one we, Komira, sell it to the consumer. This recipe is how to cook curry fish with yellow pickles flavoring (Ikan Kurisi Bumbu Acar Kuning). You can serve the yellow curry spice fish as a main dish. Here's the Recipe and How to make threadfin fish with yellow pickled seasoning.


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Ingredients :

500g of Threadfin Bream or Ikan Kurisi

1 lemongrass

3 orange leaves

10 whole red cayenne pepper

6 whole red onions

1 carrot cut sticks

1 cucumber cut sticks

200 ml of water

Oil (to fry and saute)

Salt, pepper, sugar


Ground spices:

8 onions

5 garlic

3 cm turmeric

6 pecans


How to make :

  1. Clean the fish, then cut the fish rather deep
  2. Heat the oil, fry it until cooked (make crispy in the outer part, keep the inside moist)
  3. Drain the oil
  4. Reduce oil until the remaining about 3 tablespoons
  5. Stir fry spices, lemongrass, fragrant lime leaves
  6.  Put the carrot and cucumber slices
  7.  Pour water, then cook until it boils and the water decreases by half
  8.  Enter whole red onion and red cayenne pepper
  9.  Cook until the onion changes color to become more transparent
  10.  Add pepper salt and sugar
  11.  Arrange the fried curry on a plate, then pour the seasoning
  12.  Serve while it’s warm