Health Benefits of Squid
Posted By : 2018/10/20 16:25:59

  1. Squids contain sufficient copper that fulfills the 90% of the body’s requirement. Copper, being a trace mineral, is essential for absorbing, storing and metabolizing iron and stimulating the formation of red blood cells.


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  1. Individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are often found to have low selenium levels in their blood. Since squids have an abundance of this mineral, it helps in relieving symptoms of arthritis and controlling damage caused by free radicals.


  1. Proteins, found in squids, are extremely beneficial for the healthy functioning of the human body. Consumption of snails is highly recommended in keeping the skin, muscles, hair and nails, in good shape.


  1. Frequency and duration of migraines are lowered due to the presence of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in plentiful quantities, in squids. Research indicates that riboflavin supplements are a good remedy for the prevention of migraines.


  1. Squids contain large amounts of phosphorus, similar to fish and shrimps. This mineral is necessary for stimulating calcium and building the bones and teeth.


  1. A great source of vitamin B12, squids are known to lower homocysteine levels in the body, which can otherwise increase the rate of strokes and heart attacks.


  1. Squids help in stabilizing sugar levels in the blood due to an increased supply of vitamin B3 to the body.


  1. Deficiency of zinc can lead to a range of infectious organisms damaging the body. However, squids which are rich in this component strengthen the immune system.


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